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SN-2020 Leveling agent

SN-2020 Leveling agent
Leveling agent SN-2020 is a kind of non-ionic associative thickening and leveling product modified by polyurethane and hydrophobic groups.It does not contain organic solvents and organotin compounds. It is a non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly rheological modifier.SN-2020 not only has excellent high shear viscosity thickening effect, but also has excellent fluidity and leveling.

SN-2020 leveling agent is widely used in various water-borne systems, such as latex paints and adhesives, especially in various high and middle-grade water-borne building coatings for interior and exterior walls, water-borne industrial paints, water-borne ink, water-borne adhesives and petrochemical water treatment systems.Its rheological properties are similar to those of Newtonian fluids. It is especially suitable for water-borne systems which require high rheological, leveling and thickening effects.

The main performance characteristics of SN-2020 used in water-borne latex paint are as follows:

Excellent performance: good brushing feel, excellent anti-roll spatter, water resistance, alkali resistance, scrubbing resistance, stain resistance and water resistance.

Excellent paint appearance: excellent flow, leveling performance and covering effect, uniform film thickness and film fullness, without affecting the gloss characteristics of the film.

Excellent environmental protection quality: no organic solvent, no harmful components of organotin and inorganic heavy metals, non-toxic and tasteless, safe to use, and no increase in the content of organic volatiles in waterborne latex paint.

Simple addition method: low viscosity liquid products can be easily added at any stage of paint production, without any dilution before use, without alkali neutralization, leveling and thickening performance can be achieved instantaneously.

Packing: 25kg/drum 200kg/drum, can be packed separately.

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