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The Mathnasium Franchise is an excellent business opportunity in an important field with high demand. With a modest investment, our franchisees have the opportunity to seize a significant share of a billion dollar industry. With math illiteracy at an all time high, along with an increased level of competition in colleges and technical careers, parents want to be able to give their children an advantage. Mathnasium makes that advantage attainable.

Changing Lives Through Math

The Mathnasium Mission:

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

Since we opened our first Mathnasium Learning Center in 2002 in Los Angeles, California, we’ve grown to over 1,000 communities on five continents.

Our name illustrates our belief that, while children need physical exercise to develop strong muscles, it’s equally important to “exercise” their minds to develop strong “math muscles.” At Mathnasium, students don’t just learn how to memorize or calculate, they learn to truly understand the way math works. As they increase comprehension and build math skills, their excitement and confidence grow, and they strengthen their natural love of learning.

Unprecedented Demand in an Increasingly Competitive World

Students need strong math, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities to succeed in school, the workforce, and daily living. Yet a vast number of U.S. elementary and secondary school students score below “proficient” in math. The bottom line: The market for after-school educational instruction is exploding – and is set to reach more than $260.7 Billion USD by 2024*.

What Does a Mathnasium Franchise Cost?

To buy a franchise with Mathnasium, you’ll need to have at least $112,750 in liquid capital and a minimum net worth of $149,110. Franchisees can expect to make a total investment of $112,750 – $149,110. Mathnasium charges a franchise fee of $49,000. They also offer financing via 3rd party as well as a discount for veterans ($5,000 off for military, EMS, Firefighters, and Police). *


Financial requirements for this franchise:


Options available to Franchisees:

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Facts about this Franchise:

The Mathnasium Method™: A Transformative Learning Experience

Since 2002, the Mathnasium Method has transformed the way children understand and appreciate math. We help students exercise their minds, leading to “aha” moments that generate confidence and enthusiasm. Mathnasium’s proven assessment process pinpoints children’s exact strengths and weaknesses. Based upon the initial assessment, we customize a learning plan that details specific math concepts a child needs to master in order to meet their learning goals. Talented instructors teach face-to-face at the perfect pace, providing the attention and encouragement that promote learning. With our method, students learn how to think.

We’re the authority on math education. The Mathnasium Method isn’t just about doing math, it’s about a total transformation in competence and confidence. The result of 40+ years of development and millions of dollars invested, our methods and curriculum are unmatched.


We’ll Teach You The Business

Everyone brings their own strengths to Mathnasium. The backgrounds of our franchisees vary greatly—from engineers and accountants to educators and entrepreneurs. What you don’t know, we’ll teach you.

Providing a strong support system to franchisees is key to our success. Our goal is to help you launch your center speedily, comfortably, and confidently. We offer a thorough initial training program that prepares you to open your center, and then we continue to support you as you establish and grow your operation. Throughout the process, we are always available to answer questions, and if you have a problem, we’ll help you solve it.

The Initial Franchise Training is comprehensive. Training includes a combination of online courses, classroom instruction, and hands-on experience at an operating Mathnasium Learning Center through our apprenticeship program. You’ll learn how to use our suite of tools to build your business. We cover marketing, lead generation, education, customer relationship management, and most importantly, we’ll teach you the Mathnasium Method.


We’re Always Here For You

Throughout the life of your franchise agreement, support will be there whenever you need it. From Start-Up Specialists (SUS) and Field Business Consultants (FBC) to regional training and annual conventions, you’ll have everything you need to run and grow your business. Our centralized support team is just an email away and you’ll be able to share best practices and get great advice from our outstanding franchise owner community.

Our Franchisees Say We Change Their Lives Too

Mathnasium has provided the opportunity for my family to be involved in a purpose-driven business that increasingly has the potential to create wealth. The Mathnasium Method is world class and not something we could have created on our own—being part of a franchise has made all the difference! Each day we know that we are changing the future of so many children and having a great time doing it!”
— James Temple, Owner of multiple Mathnasium Learning Centers in Virginia

”I have always had a passion for children and for teaching, so a Mathnasium franchise seemed like a perfect fit. My husband and I were thrilled that we found a business opportunity that not only seemed like it would be profitable but would also be a tremendous service to the community. Since opening our center, the experience has been priceless. This is such a rewarding business and you can’t put any amount of money on the feeling that you get from helping a student succeed. I look forward to going into our center every single day. I now know the difference between a job and a career.”
— Matrice Williams, Owner of a Mathnasium Learning Center in Burlington, NC

Are You Ready To Join The Mathnasium Family?

Mathnasium Seeks Franchisees Who Are:

  • Dedicated to improving math education and building students’ confidence
  • Ready for a full-time, rewarding career
  • Eager to join a growing, multibillion-dollar industry
  • Seeking relatively low investment and start-up costs
  • Aspiring to make a significant difference in their local community

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